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Northside Networking Summer 2021 Virtual After Hours Event

This event has ended
Wed, Jul 14th, 2021 5:00 PM to 5:45 PM CDT
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cheersRelax, Drink, Meet!

No breakout rooms in this after hours event, just informal networking. In addition to the structured events we're known for, we're introducing a shorter, unstructured virtual gathering. Open a beverage and kick back while you go around and briefly introduce yourselves and have informal conversations.

Join us July 14th at 5pm for our inaugural after hours event on Zoom.

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NorthSide Networking partners with Edgewater Chamber of Commerce, Lakeview Roscoe Village Chamber of Commerce, West Ridge Chamber of Commerce, Uptown Chamber of Commerce, and Rogers Park Business Alliance. Please consider making a donation to your local chamber.
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CJ Jelinek
  1. Daleele A.
  2. JoAnn B.
  3. Donna B.
  4. Rachel B.
  5. Evie B.
  6. Maureen B.
  7. Michael C.
  8. Connie C.
  9. Christine C.
  10. Mackenzie C.
  11. Darin D.
  12. Darin D.
  13. Izzy D.
  14. Callie E.
  15. Susan E.
  16. Bibi F.
  17. Regina G.
  18. Michael G.
  19. Adam H.
  20. Randall H.
  21. Audrey H.
  22. Mieke J.
  23. John J.
  24. Lauren K.
  25. peter K.
  26. Laura L.
  27. Cathy L.
  28. Albert M.
  29. Brian M.
  30. Janice M.
  31. Andrew M.
  32. Craig N.
  33. Andy N.
  34. Sagar P.
  35. Sandi P.
  36. Michael R.
  37. David R.
  38. Nancye R.
  39. Jason R.
  40. Jonathan R.
  41. Myron S.
  42. Senator Mike S.
  43. Barbara S.
  44. Bernie S.
  45. Sandy S.
  46. Nathan S.
  47. Zack S.
  48. Joseph S.
  49. David T.
  50. Lidia V.
  51. Kirsten V.
  52. Mary Beth V.
  53. Neal W.